God Clearly Said, “Plant a Model Church”

Four years ago we began praying. We had property to build a Training Center. We had the heart to train up church planters. But HOW do we train up church planters that will have a vision to plant churches that are gospel centered, missional, and based in intimate community in a culture that many times preaches a gospel opposite of that?

God clearly said, “Plant a model church.”

“Plant a model church? But we just want to train church planters, we don’t want to be the “gringos” planting a church in a culture not our own!”

“Plant a model church. Let me worry about the cultural thing.”

So, we changed up OUR plan (to immediately start up year-round training at Cotopaxi Training Center in the farming area of Lasso) and did the harder thing: Preparing the way for the Training Center to be more productive by being partnered with a model church – that we would plant. So, we moved to the big city of Quito (see details in our last update) and planted a model church.

La Fuente is the name of the church and “Truth, Mission, Community” are our values. We started out in our own house. Then moved to a fellow planter’s house. Then moved again to a church member’s house. We have moved three times since then (a total of six locations) as we have outgrown each place (except one, which was perfect but ended up being demolished by the government).









God has faithfully provided us with co-laborers and with people who are dedicated and hungry for God’s truth.

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Planting a church here has been a bumpy road, our own hearts have been pummeled and challenged, but it’s been a road well worth the taking.

La Fuente meets on Sundays to hear uncompromising gospel teaching. Then smaller groups meet geographically weekly in a home. Each home Community Group is involved in missional activity in their own community. That’s about it. Truth, Mission, Community. God is using this simple and fairly foreign way of “doing church” to bring many to the full knowledge of Christ. Eyes are being opened, hearts transformed, lives changed. And we are right in the middle of it all with our own hearts and lives being challenged and transformed. It has been amazing.

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Our next update will explain the exciting plan for the use of Cotopaxi Training Center partnered with La Fuente to raise up and send out church planters. CTC is already alive with activity and has hosted many events…but the future will see even more use and productivity!

Please continue to pray for La Fuente. That God will use this church to send out church planters and to train up men and women that will break cultural chains of darkness in the lives of the generations to come!

“Plant a model church.” God is always right. So thankful that we humbled ourselves and obeyed.



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