Looking deeply into the darkness of self and the light of grace

Noah Brennan is a fellow missionary and a critical part of our pastoral team here in Quito.

“We were just about ready to throw in the towel,” said one couple after attending a marriage retreat hosted by La Fuente. Thanks to the grace of God, they are now fighting together as one for the sake of their marriage.

Cate and I were able to challenge the married people of La Fuente during the retreat with these two questions: What if I married the wrong person? and Love can’t be this hard, right?

Those are essentially the questions that were making this couple wonder if they should throw in the towel, and if we are honest these are questions that will always sneak into our minds, no matter how good our marriage is.

Really these questions go to the root of who we see ourselves as and what life is all about, but to summarize briefly you could answer them this way: yes you did marry the wrong person, because we are all inherently wrong, and that is precisely what makes love

so hard; which means that it is only the power of the transforming work of God’s grace has the ability to overcome these realities.

To say it another way, without the daily application of the power of grace in our marriage, we will always be on the verge of throwing in the towel.

The view from our living room window

So those are the facts,
right? But the thing about just bare facts is that they don’t relay the way God’s truth and mercy have an incredible power to cut to the very heart of us all. To summarize themes in two paragraphs doesn’t show you the effect of this truth applied to individual lives. I cannot think of anything more amazing to witness than the truth of the gospel breaking through resentment, hurt, and anger to shine the light of grace and forgiveness into a our darkness.

It simply is impossible to not be moved as you see the truth of the gospel reach deep down into the hearts. Seeing that look of dread as they look face to face with their wrongness, and then to see the tears of joy as they understand (more deeply than perhaps they had before) the overwhelming joy which grace brings.

That ́s what I wish I could show you, not just the gospel as a set of spiritual truths, but the gospel as hope in face of desperation, the gospel as healing to deep, hidden wounds.

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  • Shelly Busby Says:

    So true and well said! That grace truly is the saving grace that not only gets us through the tough times, but motivates us towards keeping God center in our marriage. Thanks for sharing!

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