This picture sums it all up

Please forgive us for being negligent in posting here. We will get better at it! God has been moving in the hearts of His people and we are surrounded with testimonies of changed lives. This comes from our decision to follow God’s lead and plant a church in Quito. In the 3 years of organizing and launching this church, La Fuente, God has brought in people from all walks of life, stages of belief, and differing ethnicities. So many stories. We really do feel as though we are tasting what it must have looked like in the book of Acts.

This picture sums it all up in one precious moment. We have been in a series on Sundays about male and female roles, the past two weeks focussed on marriages. We discuss the sermon in homes at our weekly community groups. At the end of this week’s fairly intense discussion in our home about what the bible says regarding how husbands should be treating their wives and how wives should be treating their husbands, one man gets to his feet, turns to his wife and grown sons who are with him, with humble brokenness asks for forgiveness for his past sins, and gives repentant and loving hugs to each of his family members. Words cannot express the humility and exhilaration we feel as God rewards us with these moments of seeing good fruit come from the intense labor of the day.

Blessings to all of you who pray, support, encourage, and love us! We need it as we keep going forward with the gospel in a crazy, messed up world.

9 Responses to “This picture sums it all up”

  • Francisco Lopez Says:

    Praise God! Blessings to La Fuente; may God continue to guide your (collective) steps.

  • Rene' Pioli Says:

    AMEN! Love, Joy and Peace will reign.

  • janet Says:

    Praising the Lord with you! Thank you for sharing this story of restoration and healing.

  • Shannon Says:

    BEAUTIFUL story! My heart burst with joy. Glorious to see God at work in the hearts of His people. This is what the gospel is about!!!

  • Carol S. Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful post. Love it when people allow God into every area of their lives so that He can draw the good out into the open. Thanks for sharing!

  • Shelly Busby Says:

    Now there’s some good fruit! Thanks for sharing such a powerful story of God’s work fresh at hand.

  • donna gunn Says:

    So awesome and such a blessing to see the Spirit work! Oh how He loves us! :)

  • Donna Pioli Says:

    Beautiful testimony. Our prayers are always with you. Love, Dad and Donna

  • Dennis Fuller Says:

    God bless you and the ministry there. Thanks for the picture of God at work.

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